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Water safety tips for pups

Water safety tips for pups

Whether you’re hitting the beach or taking a dip in the pool, swimming can be great exercise for your dog! Before you take your pup out for a paddle, check out our water safety tips for dogs below. 

Tip #1: Create a safe and fun learning experience

Not all pups are natural-born swimmers and some breeds are more suited to swimming than others. If you’re teaching your pup how to swim, choose a shallow spot in the water that's away from crowds. When your pup begins to paddle with their front legs, try gently lifting their hind legs to show them how to float! Stay only as long as your pup is enjoying themselves though. A stressful experience can make swimming scary for your pup, and difficult to convince them to try again next time. Slow and steady is always best!

Tip #2: Be the life guard who's always on duty

It’s essential that you supervise your pup at all times around water. Even the strongest swimmers can get into trouble, whether it’s a current or riptide at the beach, or your pup tiring quickly (they can’t tread water like people). Don’t let your pup swim too far away from you in case they need help getting back on dry land.

Tip #3: The ocean is not a giant water bowl

You may be wondering if it's bad for a dog to drink sea water! It may seem tempting for your pup, but drinking sea or pool water is definitely a no-no. Not only can your pup ingest harmful bacteria from the water, it can also dehydrate your pup and make them sick. Bring plenty of fresh drinking water and encourage your pup to take regular breaks. 

Tip #4: Be the ultimate stair master

Spend time teaching your pup how to get in and out of the pool. It can save their life if they accidentally fall in. Using a leash is a great way to help your pup navigate stairs or a ramp for the first time. Practice over a few days until they are confident getting in and out on their own. 

Tip #5: Invest in a quality Sandy Snoots dog life jacket

Explore our stylish collection of Australian Made dog life jackets and dive into the water with confidence! Not only do our life jackets help to keep your pup afloat, the bright colours make them easier to spot on the beach or in the water. You can use the sturdy handles to assist your pup while swimming, or to pull them to safety if they jump or accidentally fall into the water. 

Our dog life jackets come in four vibrant summer colours for puppies, small and medium sized dogs. Simply size up your pup using our handy dog life jacket size chart, choose the colour that makes you soul shine, and let the good times roll!

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