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Dog Hats

Made in Australia and certified UPF 50+ for sun protection

The must-have accessory for sun-drenched days ahead. Our wide brim hats provide the perfect amount of shade for your pup and have large earholes to keep ears cool and ventilated. Available in twelve sizes for the perfect fit!

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Summer sophistication

We’ve reimagined the dog hat with our sophisticated new collection of Australian Made bucket hats! Available in selected designer prints, these summer beauties can be worn on their own or with a matching dog rashie or life jacket. 

Made from premium canvas, Sandy Snoots dog bucket hats are fully lined and finished with top stitch detailing. The wide floppy brim beautifully frames the face and the structured crown has large earholes to accommodate ears of all shapes and sizes. 

The luxe gold cord stopper and woven label will have your pup glistening in the summer sun! Wear when your pup's lounging by the pool or on the beach.

Sun safety never looked so good

Sun protection is important for everyone living under the Australian sun, including your dog! It's widely recognised that we have one of the highest levels of UV exposure and highest rates of skin cancer in the world. When UV levels are 3 or above, you and your pup need to be sun safe. 

Dogs can get sunburned in a little as 30 minutes on a sunny day. While sunburn can affect all breeds, those with light skin or fur are particularly susceptible.

Not only are Sandy Snoots dog bucket hats incredibly stylish, they're independently certified UPF 50+ to protect delicate facial skin from harmful sun rays. The wide brim shades your pup's face so they can see better in bright conditions, and also protects their eyes from bright light that can aggravate cataracts and light sensitivity. 

Sandy Snoots dog bucket hats are made on Australian shores and carry the iconic Australian Made logo, the true mark of Aussie authenticity. It means you can be sure you’re buying an authentic, premium quality dog hat that originates from our clean, green environment and that is made to last.

Size up your dog’s noggin

Sandy Snoots dog bucket hats are designed for short-headed dogs, such as chihuahuas, toy poodles, yorkies, pugs, boston terriers, cavoodles, spaniels, french bulldogs and boxers. Short-headed dogs have a round or dome shaped noggin with a short forehead.

The best way to measure your dog's head circumference is to use a soft tape measure. Position it around the top of your dog's head, going underneath their ears and above their eyes – wherever you’d like the base of the crown to sit. You can then select from one of twelve sizes using our handy size guide!

If you require any assistance selecting the right hat size for your pup, drop us a message via our Store Chat, email or slide into our social DMs. We also offer free size swaps within Australia for stress-free online shopping!

Shop UPF 50+ rashies for complete sun protection for your dog

Once you’ve selected the perfect bucket hat for your pup, why not complete their sun safe outfit with one of our gorgeous Australian Made dog rashies! They’re independently certified UPF 50+ for sun protection too, and come in matching prints for the complete look.

    Strong, durable and stretchy, Sandy Snoots dog rashies are made for even the wildest rides and will last your pup for years to come! Hit the beach in style this summer with Sandy Snoots.