About us

Aussie made for Aussie babes

Happiness is a day at the beach with Sandy Snoots. Bursting onto the beach scene in September 2020, Sandy Snoots offers a colourful and fun collection of Australian made dog rashies and coastal accessories.

Sandy Snoots was created out of love for our dog Bailey, a gorgeous Poodle x Bichon Frise who loves catching waves on the Goldie! Just like people, dogs are at risk when exposed to harmful sun rays. With no real sun protection options on the market for dogs, we decided to design our own UPF 50+ dog rashies and have them made right here on Australian shores.

We’re proud that our dog rashies carry the ARPANSA Sun Protection Certification Trade Mark, which is an Australian government trademark used to identify sun protective products. This level of independent certification is what sets Sandy Snoots apart - we’re serious about sun protection!

Sandy Snoots is committed to raising awareness of skin cancer in dogs and promoting the importance of a #sunsafesnoots beach culture. This includes sharing #sunsafesnoot tips and stories from our Sun Safety Ambassadors - inspirational snoots who have been affected by skin cancer. We also aim to promote sun safety more broadly throughout the community by sharing sun protection recommendations from the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology and the Cancer Council. 

We’re a proud Australian business with strong brand values of supporting Australian manufacturing and continuously pursuing sustainable practices. We also give back by donating 5% of our annual profits to The University of Queensland Faculty of Science to support research to better understand how best to diagnose, treat and hopefully cure the illnesses that affect our pets.

An adventure of a lifetime

We have loved every moment of creating our Sandy Snoots world and can't wait for your dog to hit the beach in one of our signature designs. From humble beginnings on a beach in sunny Queensland, Sandy Snoots has grown from a simple idea into a collection curated with love and colour. We hope it brightens your day as much as it does ours.