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UPF 50+ Sun Protective Dog Rashies Australia

Water and sun safety precautions for staffies

Water and sun safety precautions for staffies

Fun in the sun with your staffy

Taking your staffy to the beach is a great way to ensure your pup gets plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. The sights, sounds and smells are sure to bring out those gorgeous staffy smiles!

However with their stocky build, short fur and predisposal to skin conditions, it’s important that you follow water and sun safety precautions to ensure their next trip to the beach is safe and happy. 

Keep your pup safe with a staffy life jacket

Staffies are wonderfully talented, but one thing they aren't renowned for is their swimming abilities. Many staffies tend to avoid water and therefore never learn to swim, making pawrents a little nervous when they’re around water. 

A staffy life jacket is essential for all aquatic adventures, from swimming to boating and paddleboarding, and also when relaxing poolside. They help to keep your staffy afloat and give them extra confidence in the water and when learning to swim.

Why not paddle over and check out our Australian made dog life jackets today! Available in four vibrant summer colours, a small staffy will usually fit a size L. Be sure to double-check their measurements against our size chart to confirm which size is best for your staffy.

Step out in style with our adorable staffy beach rashies

While sunburn can affect all breeds, staffies have short fur and often light skin, making them particularly susceptible to sun exposure. Staffies are also prone to experiencing skin conditions, which can be irritated by contact with itchy sand. 

So how can you protect your staffy from the elements? With our premium UPF 50+ dog rashies of course! Our dog rashies are proudly Australian Made and come in a range of seriously stylish designs.

The beautifully soft lycra blend provides a physical barrier, reducing the amount of sand that can get caught in your staffy's fur. Importantly, our staffy beach rashies also provide all day sun protection so they can enjoy carefree fun in the sun. 

Find the right size beach rashie for your staffy

Most American Staffordshire Terriers will wear either a size L or XL Sandy Snoots beach rashie. Supawmodel @meeka_and_co (pictured) is a small staffy and wears a size L. 

If you’re unsure about what size dog rashie to choose for your staffy, send us a message via our Store Chat, contact us at or slide into our social DMs @sandysnoots. Not only can we help with size recommendations, we can also provide styling advice to help create your staffy’s very own signature summer style!

Ensure your day goes smoothly with these extra accessories

We know staffy pawrents love to accessorise! Consider adding these accessories to your Sandy Snoots tote before you head out for the day:

Dog towels

Give your staffy somewhere to lounge on the beach while ensuring they're nice and dry when it's time to head home. Our beautiful dog towels are super versatile and 20% off when you purchase with a life jacket or dog rashie.

Wet bags

Don't want that wet towel and rashie floating around on the way home? Pop them in one of our eco-friendly reusable wet bags to ensure your car stays dry and sand free. 

Doggy bandanas

Hitting up the local dog-friendly cafe while you're on the coast? Let your furry friend showcase their style with one of our luxurious dog bandanas.

So there you have it, the ultimate Sandy Snoots guide to a great day at the beach with your staffy — complete with Aussie-made, eco-friendly accessories to ensure your staffy is the safest and most stylish pup on the beach. Enjoy!