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Pug Rashie Size

Tips for taking your pug to the beach – Discover our pug beach towels and more!

Tips for taking your pug to the beach – Discover our pug beach towels and more!

As a pug pawrent, you know pugs can’t tolerate high heat and humidity because of their short muzzle. So, you may be wondering whether you can take your pug to the beach – the answer is absolutely you can! 

Pugs are companion dogs and would love nothing more than spending time in the sunshine and sand with you. Check out our beach tips for pug pawrents and get our pug size recommendations below!

Beach tips for pug pawrents

  • Watch your pug carefully for signs of overheating, which may include excessive panting or a dry snoot. We recommend taking regular breaks in the shade with plenty of fresh drinking water to keep your pug hydrated. Be sure to check out our full list of tips on How to be a #sunsafesnoot!
  • Pugs generally aren’t the best swimmers due to the physical structure of their faces. Pugs will need to tilt their heads upward while in the swimming motion, making it more difficult to stay afloat. They should always wear a pug life jacket when swimming, so keep an eye out for the release of our dog life jacket collection! They’re due to hit Aussie beaches just in time for Spring 2022. 
  • Salt water can be an irritant to your pug’s skin and often gets trapped in their coats. If possible, rinse off your pug in fresh water before heading home for a proper bath, paying special attention to their wrinkles. Of course, you'll need a beautiful pug beach towel to dry them off for the journey home. Discover our supaw offer on pug beach towels below! 

What size dog rashie should I choose for my pug? 

Our most impawtant beach tip for pug pawrents is to remember your Sandy Snoots dog rashie! Simply choose one of our signature designs and hit the beach in style. Not only do our pug rashies provide all day sun protection, they can also help to keep your pug cool by reflecting the hot sun.

Pugs are square and thickset, usually weighing no more than 8 kilograms. We find that a size S pug rashie will fit most pugs, however do check our handy size chart to confirm. 

Still unsure about what size pug rashie to choose? Give us a woof for tailored assistance at hello@sandysnoots.com.au or slide into our DMs on Instagram @sandysnoots or Facebook. There's no need to worry though, our free size swaps ensure the perfect fit for your pug!

Check out our other pug accessories

  • Did you know you can save 20% off pug beach towels when you purchase any pug rashie? Our pug beach towels are perfect for drying your pug off around the pool, at the beach and even after bath time! It's super easy to buy a pug beach towel because they're one-size-fits-all. 
  • Every pug likes to look their best, so why not spoil them with a coastal chic pug bandana? Add a size S pug bandana to your cart and watch your pug strut their stuff! Our pug bandanas are a tie up style and can be worn flat or textured. Featuring dreamy sea botanicals and delicate shells, these pug bandanas are something to treasure. 
  • If you're a pug pawrent who likes to plan ahead, be sure to add one of our stylish pug life jackets to your wish list! Spoiler alert – our life jackets will be released in three sizes for puppies, small and medium sized dogs! A size M pug life jacket is a good place to start.

    Are you looking to adopt or foster a Pug?

    Pug Patrol Rescue Australia (PPRA) is a registered charity committed to rescuing pugs, pug crosses and other brachycephalic breeds from abuse, neglect and exploitative breeding. 

    PPRA is a pawfect place to start if you're looking to adopt or foster a pug! They have dedicated teams in New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, South Australia and even South East Queensland.

    When a pug is rescued by PPRA, they get all the necessities done: brachycepahlic surgery, desexing, heartworm testing and treating, microchipping, vaccinations, worming and flea treatment. Each pug is fostered in a family home so they are exposed to lots of interaction with children, toys and other dogs. They are given toys to play with, some basic obedience training, toilet training, good food and importantly, lots of love and affection!

    PPRA have brought together an experienced team of foster carers, veterinarians and administrators who are committed to providing the best care for their rescues. Even if you’re not looking to adopt a pug, you can support this wonderful cause by making a donation here.