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Towel vs blow drying your dog – What's best after a swim?

Towel vs blow drying your dog – What's best after a swim?

You've just gotten home from another wet and wild adventure with your pup and now it's time for a post-swim bath! Although our dog rashies protect your pup's fur from sand, it's important to wash your dog with quality shampoo and conditioner to reduce the chance of skin irritation from any residual chlorine, salt or sand.

We're often asked about the best way to dry your dog's fur and it should always start with a good towel dry! We recommend microfibre towels as they're less likely to trap fur compared to ordinary cotton towels, making the process a lot more relaxing for your pup. Don't rub too vigorously with the towel as this can cause mats in your dog's fur. Try draping the towel over your dog, pressing and squeezing a section at the time to remove the water. 

It may be tempting to let your pup dry themselves with post-bath zoomies, however there's loads of benefits to blow drying your dog's fur compared to only towel drying. Not only will their fur come out looking fresh, clean and fluffy, a thorough blow dry will prevent any musty smells from developing in wet or damp fur. 

Choose a medium setting and get blow drying! Use a brush with your spare hand to speed up the drying process and look out for any mats or skin problems that may need attention later. This will also help to remove any remaining sand or debris that may be hiding in your dog's fur. If your blow dryer has a button for cool air, you can use it intermittently to prevent your dog from overheating – it can also give their fur a little extra shine 

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