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Golden Retriever Dog Rashies Australia

Get ready for a supersized summer – Shop Golden Retriever dog rashies

Get ready for a supersized summer – Shop Golden Retriever dog rashies

Supersized dog rashies for a supersized summer!

We're gearing up for a supersized summer with the release of five new dog rashie sizes for large and extra large breeds 😎 They're made from the same premium lycra blend as our original dog rashies, just bigger to fit beach babes such as golden retrievers, labradors, german shepherds, staffy mixes and more!

The world of big dog fashion just got a little more fabulous. If you've ever found yourself thinking nothing cute ever fits your dog, we've got your pup covered with our Wild Flower, Tropical Paradise and Mandala Whale dog rashies! They're the first of our gorgeous summer prints to be supersized and are available now from our online surf boutique.

If you've had your eye on one of our other prints, you won't have long to wait before they're supersized too. We're rolling out our super sizes across our entire collection of dog rashies. It's all part of our commitment to achieving the perfect fit for every pup under the bright Aussie sun. 

Shop Golden Retriever dog rashies

Ever since we opened our surf boutique, we've been flooded with requests for sizes to suit golden retrievers. We understand, golden retrievers are known as water dogs and absolutely love to hit the beach – of course they need some gorgeous dog swimmers to wear!

Not only are our dog rashies a total summer vibe, they'll also help to reduce the amount of sand that gets caught in your golden's fur as well as making your pup easier to spot on a crowded dog beach (especially when there's a lot of other retrievers around!). 

So, what size dog rashie should you choose for your golden retriever?

Our cover girls Molly and Eden are small female golden retrievers and wear size 3XL Long.

The girls were able to fit into the size 2XL Long, but the extra size up gave them the best sun coverage and was overall a more comfortable fit. 

If you have a larger male golden retriever, try the size 4XL Long. This size is 72cm in length and suit chests ranging from 89 – 96cm. Be sure to check out our full size chart for all the sandy details, or reach out to us via the Store Chat for assistance. 

What's the difference between a Golden Retriever and Labrador?

If you're a proud pawrent of a golden retriever, you've no doubt been asked if they're different from labradors. We get it, they can sport a bit of a family resemblance, but they're actually from two different parts of the world!

For those who don't know, here's how to spot the difference between a golden retriever and labrador:

  • the shape of their muzzle: goldens have a long snout, whereas labs have a wide snout (both equally boopable)
  • the length of their coat: labs have a sleek and short coat, whereas goldens have a longer, more soft coat
  • the colour of their fur: goldens can have beige, honey and red colourings, whereas labs can be beige, brown or black. 

    Let's raise a paw to both of these amazing breeds and get ready for a supersized summer with Sandy Snoots!

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