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Dog bucket hats Australia

Hot preview – Get ready to slay all summer with our new dog hats!

Hot preview – Get ready to slay all summer with our new dog hats!

Our new collection of dog hats are about to hit Aussie beaches, so it's time to quit teasing and give you the full scoop on summer's hottest new accessory! That's right, we're giving you all the details on the stylish design, premium materials, gorgeous prints and huge size range! 

Hats off to Aussie design and manufacturing

First things first, let's take our hats off to the incredible Aussie designers and makers who poured their heart and soul into these fabulous dog hats! When it comes to quality and craftsmanship, you can trust Sandy Snoots to deliver every time. That's because we partner with the best people to bring our visions to life, and our new dog hats are no exception. 

Pawsitively stylish dog hats

Now, let's dive into the stunning design! These aren't your average doggy accessories – they're a statement piece. Imagine your furry friend strutting their stuff in a vibrant, patterned dog hat, turning heads wherever they go.

We've chosen three of our designer prints for the initial release – Spring Burst (worn by cover girl Valentine), Island Dream and Mandala Whale. They can be worn on their own, or with a matching dog rashie or dog life jacket for ultimate summer style. 

These dog hats are made from premium canvas and are fully lined. The wide floppy brim beautifully frames the face and the structured crown has large earholes to accommodate ears of all shapes and sizes. They also have an adjustable chin strap made from organic cotton and a shiny gold metal cord stopper. 

Sun's out, hats on!

Besides being a fashion-forward choice, these dog hats are also practical. We all know how important sun protection is, and we can't forget about our furry friends too! These hats offer a shady haven, protecting your pup's sensitive eyes and delicate facial skin from the harsh Australian sun. It's not just about looking fabulous – it's about being sun safe too!

Sizes for every noggin

These hats are designed for short-headed dogs, such as chihuahuas, toy poodles, yorkies, pugs, boston terriers, cavoodles, spaniels, french bulldogs and boxers. Rest assured, you'll be sure to get the perfect fit for your pup with our huge size range. We'll have 12 sizes for you to choose from for extra small to extra large pups. 

Doggy photoshoots with your dog hat

Now, let's talk about the Instagram-worthy moments these hats will create. Your pup will become an instant social media sensation as they flaunt their fashionable headwear. Imagine capturing your furry friend in their dog hat, basking in the summer sun with an ice-cold doggy treat in paw. The likes and comments will pour in faster than you can say "pawsome!"

Waiting is the hardest part

So, now we arrive at all important question – when can you get your paws on these summer beauties? Thankfully, there's not much longer to wait. Our must-have dog hats are arriving later this month. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on our socials @sandysnoots for all the updates!